The dilemma of sustainable travel

Consumers worldwide currently spend trillions yearly on fossile fuel-based transport. The entire world is united to change this as much as possible to efficient, electrified travel that can be powered by green energy. In the following pages you will see how you can help to make this possible.

Like most people, you probably pay too much for your travel needs, while the choices are usually limited to ancient, slow and dirty travel. We believe that travel should be exactly like the internet. In the future we want to be able to offer you an all-inclusive monthly subscription to travel fast, save and sustainable, without carbon-footprint. Your registration on this site indicates your interest in travel like the internet - with automatic routing / without stopovers.

Superconductivity is without any doubt the most sustainable technology that exists, yet for reasons unknown has been majorily absent of funding. Multinationals and governments simply refuse to provide necessary funding and thus this R&D is grossly restricted and even prevented. Because this limiting policy clearly does not benefit the advancement of the human race, it is inevitable to resort to crowdfunding and we warmly welcome you to extend your trust and to make way for the lowering of your travel bill.

The vast majority of people find themselves paying substantial, monthly amounts for fossile fuel based travel that does not at all improve the predicament of our planet. Regrettably we hardly have choices for fast, safe and green travel. ET3 would like to develop sustainable infrastructure near to you so that - in the following decades - you can enjoy automated routing to virtually any destination in the world. This should be possible for a fixed, low price per month:

If e.g. 100 million inhabitants of Europe, Afric or the US would monthly pay € 99 for their all-inclusive travel, that would amount to € 10 bln monthly or > € 100 bln yearly; enough to build yearly tens of thousands of kilometers of ultrahighspeed and safe ET3-infrastructure to connect every city and popular destination.

Get involved and reserve your seat. #ET3 Europe, -Russia, -Asia and -Africa.
#HTSM: High Temperature Superconducting Maglev.
#HTSP: High Temperature Superconducting Powercables (
#ET3: ET3 in the coming decades.
#QTI: Quantum Trains International (
#TransparentSolar: Replacing the majority of windows in your nation by transparent solar - storing possible excess electricity in a battery, to be picked up by #ET3 when it is fully solar charged.
#TotalAccounting: see social media ('badwill').
#ET3farm: a farm connected to ET3.
#ET3data: Transport of heavy data-files by #ET3.
#ET3holo: Hologram recording and -delivery by #ET3.
#ET3RBE: the Resource Based Economy brought about by #ET3.
#ET3computing: a specific/intelligent program to calculate prices for #ET3-transport, enabling a healthy Resource Based Economy.
#ET3powerhub: a gasstation that transforms itself to supply 100 % solar-charged batteries for all roadtransport, not excluding electric busses and electric trucks.
#ET3datahub: supportcentres for #ET3data, #ET3holo and #ET3libraries.
#ET3food: Restaurants directly connected to regional #ET3farms that supply quality lunch to all schools in the vicinity.
#ET3sustainable: powering #ET3 and all roadtransport by 100 % sustainable energysupply, in cooperation with #HTSP.
#ET3library: The library of the future.
#ET3airport: an airport connected to #ET3 and where the kerosine is supplied for real prices -
based on #TotalAccounting - by #ET3.
#ET3city: a city with at least one #ET3 Access Portal.
#ET3harbour: a harbour that facilitates #ET3 for the landtransport of oil and lng.
#ET3accounting: Prices based on #ET3computing and on growing more trees.
#ET3globalism: #ET3 delivering regional, natural|biological|organic food for free to restaurants and foodstalls - 100 % controlled and aiming for zero food waste.
#ET3university: #ET3 connects campusses and universities to all major rural villages in the nation with businessclass travel; faster and more comfortable than airtravel.
#ET3newspaper: #ET3 delivering paper newspapers devoid of advertising and based on real statistics.
#ET3global: Global network of #ET3, favouring #ET3RBE, #Meritocracy and #ET3computing, with 100 % facial recognition and zero tolerance for drugs or weapons.
#ET3recycling: Nationwide system where #ET3 picks up all waste and garbage and transports it to sustainable recycling facilities.
#Meritocracy: Principle where the most intelligent, capable, wise and smart people rule the nation, not based on oligarchy, plutonomy, nepotism or globalism.
#Meritocity: a city or metropole with autonomous, meritocratic (i.e. non-corrupt) state-council, independent of the state, connected to #ET3, #QTI and #HTSP and welcoming the above RBE.