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Within decades, transport (water-, road-, rail- and airtravel) can be > 90 % sustainable. How awesome would that be?

The prime modus of transport in the future will most likely be one that does not exist as of yet, not even as a demo. It is called personal rapid transit (PRT) or the fifth mode of transport. Governments all over the world - from the EU to Kazakhstan - encourage electric vehicles. ET3 is such electric transport that however resembles air- and spacetravel. Fully automated vehicles are shot with high velocity but never more than 1G through a network of vactubes as new, frictionless travel. Cars, trucks and trains spend 85 % of the fuel battling air-resistance and road- or trackresistence. Because ET3 is frictionless and recovers 90 % of the accelerationenergy upon braking, it can transport 50 times more passengers per kWh than an electric car while dazzling speeds up to 6500 km/hour are possible.

Ships can be independent of fossile fuel with superconductive engines:

All existing traintracks worldwide could and even should be converted to maglev or
www.quantumtrain.com. Planning for the construction of new traintracks is mostly irrational and megalomane. Infrastructure backlog needs to be redirected to maglev.

Ownership of cars will become obsolete because of the driverless car, Uber and electric taxiservices in combination with an ever more finemazed network of ET3.

Because ET3 is much faster, more convenient and sustainable in a way that airplanes can never be, airplanes will majorily service islands, the continent of Australia, extremely remote places and specific purposes.

Oil-, car-, truckindustry and airlines are warmly welcomed to invest in ET3 from the outset by buying a corporate license at
www.ET3.com. The future is inescapable. Multinationals with a large cashposition who fail to participate in the early growth of ET3, run the risc of missing the boat. ET3 has many crucial patents so there is no way around it. The fifth mode of transport will be constructed and it will not run on fossile fuel.

Furthermore does ET3 want to offer an equal share to everyone and thus offers every person the opportunity to buy an individual license a $ 99 per person. 0,3 % of all future revenues will be paid out to its pool of licensees.

       CEO Daryl Oster and COO Nick Garzilli

A listing of the international managementteam of ET3 and its key advisors: http://www.et3.com/key-advisors-and-founder.

The prime communicationplatform of ET3 is
www.ET3.net. See ET3 on social media, interact with the management-team, offer ideas and perhaps you too can add value. The only way to gain shares in ET3 is by buying a license and adding value. ET3 is not only a technological but also an organisational innovation, based upon chaordic principles.